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California Code Requirement and Acceptance Testing

Why Is It Needed?

Most contractors in California don’t know that California's Code of Regulations Title 24 now requires installed lighting control systems to be certified by a third party before occupancy permits can be issued.

Establishing a criterion for a state certified Acceptance Technician ensures inspections and tests of these electrical components are performed correctly, and that applicable systems are operating at optimal performance to maximize energy efficiency and return on investment (ROI) for property owners. 

The following commercial buildings have to comply with new Acceptance Testing requirements:

  • Newly constructed commercial buildings
  • Additions to existing commercial buildings
  • Alterations to existing commercial buildings that adds new equipment (retrofit) and modifies more than 10% of the existing luminaires or ballasts, or any retrofit of < ballasts or luminaires

The 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards requires that a Commissioning Report be completed and provided to the Building Owner before occupancy permits are given. The lighting control Acceptance Test is a required part of the larger Commissioning Report. 

Who Performs Acceptance Testing?

California's Code of Regulations Title 24 requires all Acceptance Test Technicians to be employed by an Acceptance Test Employer that provides support as well as quality control.

As an Acceptance Test Employer, we have over 25 years of design experience and providing reviews and testing for construction and engineering projects. Our technicians and inspectors are highly trained and certified by the California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (CALCTP) to deliver precise Acceptance Testing and quality inspections. 

When Should Acceptance Testing be Performed?

Early design review and Acceptance Testing is vital to avoid project delays, increased construction costs, and decreased ROI. With quality control as our highest priority, we coordinate all the scheduling details of your project to ensure timely completion. T-Squared Acceptance Technicians provide early-on review breakdowns of any action items that would cause delay for a Certificate of Occupancy due to Acceptance Testing.

Return on Investment, Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Before Acceptance Testing was required, advanced lighting systems were improperly installed and not achieving expected energy savings. Property owners and clients were paying for design that would optimize energy savings, however improper application of these advanced lighting systems was not meeting expectations.

Lighting is the single largest consignment in buildings. With correct installation, maintenance, operation and technology, lighting control systems can save energy and maximize clients’ return on investment. T-Squared Commissioning and Acceptance Testing ensures systems are properly installed and programmed, improving energy efficiency and delivering economic savings.

What is CALCTP?

The California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (CALCTP) provides a means of certification by the inspector. CALCTP is a non-profit, collaborative effort and state recognized provider that educates, trains and certifies C-10 licensed electrical contractors and state-certified general electricians in the proper installation, programming and maintenance of advanced lighting controls systems. 

Don’t let cost overruns or delays happen to your project. Contact our experts today to learn more about what Acceptance Testing is and how we can ensure your project gets certified and completed on time.

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